Guidelines Policy

  • You must be 18+ years old to make use of TacticsGenius.
  • One can register as a Manager or Scout and wait for appointment.
  • One can register as an Owner and also wish to manage the club or appoint a Coach.
  • You will need to purchase your club's season budgets with its relative price. This season budget will be used in the purchasing of players for the club.
  • A straight red card results to three (3) matches suspension.
  • Five consecutive yellow cards results to one match suspension.
  • Double yellow card in a match results to a red card and one match suspension.
  • TacticsGenius will keep improving to be the best all over the world.
  • Leagues lasts for 1 month.
  • Free registration for the clubs that came second and third in any league's season.
  • ₦5000 is awarded to the league winner of a season.
  • Another planet comes to place once the existing planet is exhausted.
  • Any club can win the league but the better club has the higher chance of winning.
  • The registration charge for every season is ₦400.
  • Any club that does not register for two seasons will be put out for sale.

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